Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I Read

In the uses of boredom from siobhan curious: classroom as microcosm, Siobhan Curious talks about reading by starting off with, “I became a reader because I was bored.”

This had me thinking about the reasons I read and thought it would fun to come up with a list for the reasons I read. These are not written in any order of priority but more in the order as they came to my mind. First of all, let me tell you, I love to read and have been reading at a very early age. Once my parents introduced me to the public library, I felt I entered a magic world!

I read because:
· I love to visit other places.
· I like to learn about people and enjoy books that develop the characters well.
· I escape into the story sometimes to avoid my current situation or work that has to be done.
· I find it relaxing.
· It is entertaining.
· I want to know what is happening in the news.
· I am lonely and a book is like being with a friend.
· I want to learn something new.
· It distracts me when I am worried about something.
· I am inspired by something I read that motivates me to do something new.
· I am bored.
· I want excitement without having to actually experience the risk, the danger, the sweat and the dirt.
· I want to learn what other people are thinking and feeling.
· Words have so much power when written.
· It is fun.
· I feel a connection with the characters or the author.
· I see things from a different perspective.
· It is a sequel to another book I’ve read and I don’t want the story to end.
· A book is portable and I can pretty much bring it anywhere.
· I can connect with other readers and we have something in common to talk about.
· I want to cook/bake something new and need a recipe.
· I can’t imagine a life without reading.

How many times have your heard a student ask you why they should bother learning to read? These are just some of the reasons that I would share. What are the reasons that you read?

Original image: 'A Wonderland of Books' by: Alfonso


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Except for "I am bored," I agree with pretty much everything on your list!

Heather Loy said...

Good list. I also agree the "I am bored" doesn't apply to me. I read for enjoyment, escape, to become immersed in another world/place, etc.

skip zalneraitis said...

Thank for this hosannah!!
I think. I'm lonely and reading a book is like being with a friend, and the variation you want ave been the most paowerful in my life.

McLibrarian said...

Thanks, Pat! You just gave me a great idea for the first journal posting from my high school reading students. For their first journal entry I always ask questions that will help me get to know them as readers. I'll see what my teens' reasons are for reading. Of course, since the class may include some reluctant readers this year, I may also ask why they don't read. Might help me change their reluctance.

loonyhiker said...

@Magical Mystical Teacher
@Heather Loy
@Skip Z
Thanks for commenting!

loonyhiker said...

@McLibrarian What a great idea! I had my special ed students keep a journal and it improved thier reading and their writing skills.

Meaghan said...

Nice list. I like the idea of asking students to journal about why they do or don't read. I also think this is something you can do with your own kids at home. Make a list together of why you read- alternate reasons. It is a powerful way to show the importance of reading!

loonyhiker said...

@Meaghan You are so right! It really opens up a door of communication with your own children too. I also think by talking about it, we don't take reading for granted.