Thursday, July 9, 2009

Math Strategies

Today I am going to share some of the strategies that I shared with my teachers. They are taking my class so that they can get a Master’s degree in Special Education and this course is a culmination of all that they have learned to this point. It is so exciting to see them teaching and interacting with the students.

In addition to the strategies listed, I have found some websites that also give great suggestions. They are Mathematics, Reading and Math Strategies, The Accent Center, and From Jim Wright: Intervention Ideas for Mathematics.

Here are the suggestions that I have given my teachers. If you have any other suggestions or links to great websites, I would love to see them. Please add them in your comments so I can share them with my teachers.

1. Use manipulatives to understand a concept.
2. Teach math vocabulary.
3. Use visuals and graphics to illustrate concepts to the students.
4. Have students make up their own word story problems.
5. Teach students how to use a calculator.
6. Teach money concepts using play money.
7. Teach time by using manipulative clocks.
8. Have students restate word problems in their own words.
9. Younger children can play sorting games.
10. Ask the student to tell the number that comes after (before, between) a designated number.
11. Give a pattern of numbers and ask students what comes next.
12. Use number lines.
13. Arrange by size and length.
14. Use flash cards, rolling dice, playing cards to teach computational facts.
15. Subtraction of 9s from teen numbers (16-9 = ?; 1+6 =7)
16. Puzzles cards with facts and answers on each piece


Kila said...

Another very good post. Wish I could hire you to teach my boys :) Had to look twice at the calculator photo! I had one just like it as a kid!

loonyhiker said...

@Kila Thank you for your kind words. I liked the calculator photo too! It looked so friendly. :)