Monday, July 13, 2009

Meme: My Best Posts of the Past

Here are some of my best posts of the past:

Rant: Action Doesn’t Mean Production

I think this post is important because sometimes we assume that other people know what we expect and they really don’t. It shows how important communication is and without it, many times we perceive things differently than it really is. I think this will be an ongoing dilemma that we will face all of the time. I would also add to the letter to parents, that we aren’t miracle workers and we sometimes do the best we can, and it still isn’t enough. Don’t think badly of us.

Resources: Welcome to the Carnival of Education: The Hiking Edition

This was the first time I hosted the Carnival and I loved seeing all the posts that people submitted. I think there is such a wide variety of blogs out there with such a wealth of information. I haven’t seen anyone host the carnival lately but it may be because of the summer and I really miss it. This was a way for me to see blog posts that I might not have seen otherwise.

Reflections: Am I Passionate About My Teaching?

I think it is important to have a passion about something I’m doing. If I don’t have this passion any more I need to find a way to get it back or move on to something else. I think this has been true of something I did in the past and will be true for future endeavors.

Revelations: Be a Tour Guide

I realized what a difference I can make as a teacher by how I present the information to students. It is important that I know the information I am sharing with my students but it is so important how I deliver this information to them. How I do this will affect how they receive it. Seeing this from the student’s point of view is something I need to remember.

What a great meme this was! This is a meme started by Joyce Valenza and I was tagged by Cathy Nelson. Here are the rules:

1. Scan your posts for your own personal favorites.

2. Choose one post in any/each of the four categories:
· Rants
· Resources
· Reflections
· Revelations
(I leave it to you folks to define these terms, but my instinct is that we could treat these loosely. You are welcome to suggest new categories if these don’t fit.)

3. In a blog post, list those posts and very briefly describe
· Why it is important,
· Why it had lasting value or impact,
· How you would update it for today.

4. Select five (or so) other bloggers to tap with this meme.

5. Tag all of your post with #postsofthepast

Care to join me in this meme?

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Excellent response to the meme. Thanks for playing along!