Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to the Carnival of Education: The Hiking Edition

(I am new to this hosting bit so I hope you enjoy this adventure. If you see any mistakes, please contact me as soon as possible at successfulteaching (at) gmail (dot) com. Now let’s begin our hiking adventure!)

I gathered a group of people who were interested in having a grand adventure but I didn’t tell them where we were going. I told them that this week I was going to take them on a hiking trip where we will hike along different trails and see different things. They had to put on their most comfortable shoes and bring some food and drink in case they got hungry along the way. Along the way you can listen to many of the discussions that take place as we hike.

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Before we started, I wanted everyone know some rules of thumb, like what to bring with you, what to wear, things that a PROFESSIONAL already knows. Wearing the right clothes and shoes can keep you from getting injured and it is important to bring water when you hike so you don’t get dehydrated. I always like to bring some food too (just in case I get “misplaced” – not lost!)

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As we began our hike, many of them were interested in the HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES of the trails. It is really interesting to see how many of these hiking trails have started and what historical sites they pass through.

Some were interested in the SCIENCE of the trails hoping to find flora and fauna along the way. I never really noticed how many animals are along the trail until I paid attention. I just prayed we didn’t come across a cranky snake! They also were thrilled about the HEALTH benefits that hiking can give you.

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Others wanted to know the MATH that was involved in making the trails. Math is important when figuring out mileage on long hikes. This helps to determine how much food and supplies you need on long trips. If you hike a long trail like the Appalachian Trail, this information is vital.

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There were some who wanted to make sure that all of the signs and informational boards were written with correct spelling and grammar because LANGUAGE ARTS/ENGLISH was important. If a sign is not written correctly, it can really get a hiker lost. They took lots of pictures of the signs.
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It was great to hear some of the discussions that different people were having. Some wanted to know the PEDAGOGY behind the makings of the trails and what kind of education we would get from hiking the trails. Some people feel it is important to know the philosophy and beliefs that form and sustain our trails.

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Some felt that they were not physically fit and needed some SPECIAL EDUCATION in order to succeed. If necessary, special accommodations were made so that everyone was able to succeed in completing the hike.

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Hopefully some people just wanted to hike to enjoy the beauty of the trail and to enjoy the ART along the way. There is so much beauty in nature if we only look for it. It was fun to see what different people liked to photograph.

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I was worried that I would also have to inform them of special etiquette and SOCIAL SKILLS that were expected on the trail. When I am heading uphill, I always like to yield the right away to downhill hikers who are moving faster. It also gives me a chance to catch my breath.

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As we neared the end of our trail, some hikers decided that they wanted to know more and hopefully go on longer hikes and other locations. They wanted to know where to go for the FUTURE.

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As a hiker, I feel it is important to give back to the trail society as a way to show appreciation for the trails that are already there. I encouraged people VOLUNTEER to help maintain the trail so they brought plastic bags to pick up the trash as we hiked.

Dave Greene in BaltoNorth shares Oxymoron squared! Mandatory volunteerism now optional in Baltimore County Public Schools.

When it was over, we arrived back at base camp, a little sweaty, a little tired, but hopefully a little happier from embarking on this adventure! I hope everyone enjoyed this trip as much as I did!

That concludes this edition. Folks interested in hosting a future edition of the C.O.E. should please let us know via this email address: owlshome [at] earthlink [dot] net. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of education using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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Great Carnival, Pat--thanks! It was about hiking and occasionally loony, too: all good. Thanks for including the Teacher in a Strange Land. You rock!

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