Monday, June 1, 2009

Stealing Lincoln’s Body

I just watched an awesome video from the History Channel called Stealing Lincoln’s Body. (I am not being paid to write this review.) I think it would be great to use in the middle school and high school classroom because it would really hold the attention of the students. It told a story that most people don't know about or talk about and you definitely don't find this information in the textbooks that I have used. The information was well presented and broken up into segments. The video lasts for 94 minutes so it should be broken up into two parts. I would break it up to having the first part include the assassination, the embalming and the funeral. The second part would include the attempts to steal the body and all the times the body was moved.
I actually learned so much from watching this because I had not been aware of a lot of the information given in the video. My husband and I recently visited Lincoln’s Presidential Library and Museum where I first found out that there was an attempt to steal his body. I was so glad to see this video after that because I had so many questions that this answered.

This video is on sale now for $15.98 and you can see the details here. I would highly recommend that you buy this for your classroom or school library.

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