Monday, February 9, 2009

A Super Duper Tour!

A few years ago I met the people from Super Duper at our Council for Exceptional Children’s annual conference and they always had the best big bags. Now, these were not just regular tote bags but really big bright colored plastic bags that could be used as an overnight bag. Everyone couldn’t wait to get in the exhibit hall to get one of those bags and you could see them everywhere we went. In fact, when we arrived home to Greenville, I was surprised to see one of the bags at a meeting I went to and the owner told me that she got it from the conference. I loved to stop by the Super Duper booth and talk to all of the people working there because they were so friendly, helpful, and just plain happy. Imagine my surprise when I found out their company was located in my own home town in Greenville, SC! I talked with one of the editors, Becky, who offered to give me tour some time and she was so welcoming and nice that I planned to do that. I am embarrassed to say it took me a very long time to get up enough nerve to contact her to finally ask for a tour. Well, the other day I took it and it was fantastic. If you go to the Super Duper website, you can take a virtual tour of the meeting rooms and restrooms. All of the rooms are decorated according to a theme and brightly colored as well as interesting. You could spend hours looking at the collection of things in each room.

When I arrived, my first impression was this huge white castle in front of me. It was almost like a fairy tale story unfolding in front of me. The lobby area was so brightly colored and gave off this happy feeling and the receptionist was waiting for me to arrive. Then Becky arrived to take me to the different rooms. I can see how the meeting rooms would stimulate creativity because they are like entering a whole different world. It’s amazing to say that even the restrooms would help spur creativity but some people say that is where they do their best thinking. I also saw the research library and where all products were kept. I saw people in different departments working hard but I also saw that people seemed happy at their jobs. There were people smiling and laughing and I could see the atmosphere was a great one for creating and collaborating.

It was interesting how much work is put into the items that they sell. They don’t just spit things out in order to make a profit. Many of their products go through proof after proof after proof. Their goal seems to be quality more than quantity. I was very impressed by seeing how conscientious everyone seemed to be about the product they were producing. I even saw how they set up for exhibits when they go to conferences. I never realized that the set up the table for different size booths and everything is carefully labeled before it is all packed up. Then the table is set up at the conference exactly like the demo back at the castle. It looks like a lot of research and planning go into everything, including their booths.

If anyone lives near this place, I would highly recommend that you check it out. I have a new respect for all that is involved in making educational resources and would definitely buy things from this company. I’m so thankful that I was invited for a tour or I would never have realized what a treasure this is. If you check out the Super Duper website or catalog, I think you will be able to find resources that will help you be more successful in the classroom.

Original images from the Super Duper website.

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