Thursday, February 5, 2009

Steve Spangler Science Toys

Do you like science and science experiments? I do! I recently received a book and an experiment for Steve Spangler’s Science Toys and thought I’d share with you my opinions about this stuff (No, I’m not being paid to do this so it is honestly my own opinion).

The book was Secret Science: 25 Science Experiments Your Teacher Doesn’t Know About by Steve Spangler. All of these experiments can be done at school or at home and they all seem to have a “wow” factor (which I loved about science experiments). I also got the Mentos experiment which I can’t wait to try out.

Each experiment in the book is carefully explained in sequential steps and I am the type of person that likes steps to follow. There is also a section on “Take It Further” if you want to see what else you can do with this experiment. Then the author explains why this works the way it does. I really like that some of the experiments have a “Real World Application.” This is what makes the whole lesson relevant and answers the question, “So, what?” I just wish that all of the experiments had this section in them.

The materials needed for experiments are items that are easily found and not expensive. That is so important when we do experiments either in the classroom or at home. This is important during these tough economic times when we are all watching our pennies. I tried out a few of the experiments at home and had a lot of fun with them too! I will be doing the Mentos experiment with my friends’ three children this weekend. Science experiments are so much fun!

There is a wonderful website too! You can search according to price range, age, or collections. You can also sort your choices alphabetically or by price ranges. I like all of these features when I am searching for something. There were so many items that are reasonably priced (and many were just downright cheap!) You can sign up for free experiments and special offers too which I did. I like the link for the shipping information because I have wanted to buy things from other sites and could not figure out the shipping information. There are many different shipping options to choose from that should help you decide which to choose. I like the way it calculates the shipping cost before you complete your order too.

I hope you check out the website and what this company has to offer. There are lots of neat and interesting things that would help make your lessons successful.


Anonymous said...

The site is so cool featuring all the stuff that I want to see.

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ǝıɥɔıɹ ƃuıʌɐɹ said...

Great post, the site looks great. I think I'll have to get my hands on the book too.

I acquired a copy of The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments. Its been out of date since the 1960s as its contents are potentially dangerous (read exciting).
Highly recommended

loonyhiker said...

Roark: I think you will enjoy the book. It sounds like you found a treasure too!

Anonymous said...


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