Friday, June 13, 2008

Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 06/13/08

Here are some interesting sites that I’ve found interesting this week. As a teacher, I feel we have to keep up to date concerning research in our field and current issues in the education system. I hope some of these inspire you, inform you, and even have you asking questions. Thank you for coming by and visiting!

Teacher Vision – database of lesson plans

Litebrite – remember the old litebrite toy? Now you can do it online. This can be used as a reward for students.

What2Learn – make your own games and no downloads needed.

Build Your Own Jeopardy - A jeopardy-like board creator that you download. I love to use this in the classroom and the students love to play it. Great way for them to study for exams.

Graphix – children can make their own comic books. There is also a teacher guide on how to use graphic novels in the classroom.

Photo credit: tools by misterjt

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