Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What I Learned About Teaching but...

This was pretty funny and worth watching. In fact I started to think of other things not mentioned. If you have others you would like to add, please leave a comment.

1. Staying up past midnight to finish paperwork.
2. Required attendance at extracurricular activities like athletic games and the prom.
3. You will need to wipe noses, clean vomit, and/or hear the grossest stories you have ever heard.
4. You need to know where the janitor’s storage is for toilet paper and paper towels.
5. Keep your own broom and dustpan in your room.
6. You will have the sickest sense of humor about education.
7. If your house catches on fire, you will grab your gradebook and laptop as the most important items in your life.
8. You will get emotionally involved in your students’ lives no matter how much you try not to.
9. Students cannot use one tissue at a time. They will grab a handful because they don’t want to touch their own nose.
10. Be specific with students. If you say they can use the restroom, give them a time limit or they will be gone forever and you think they used the restroom in another state!

What have you learned about teaching that they didn't teach you in college?

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Carl Anderson said...

11. Teachers unions can be your best friend and your worst enemy.
12. Not all of your colleagues are there because they care about doing what is best for students. Some are just putting in time.
13. All textbooks are written for Texans and Californians.
14. Tenure is just a measure to ensure that change happens slowly or not at all.
15. Teachers who teach AP classes are held in higher esteem than those who teach "at-risk" students.
16. The way you were taught and the way you learn are not necessarily what is best for your students.
17. School is a game in which you are the referee and the students are the players. It measures more how well a student can jump through hoops than what they actually learn or know.
18. Your principal likely has never had to teach in a 21st century classroom and most likely cannot accurately define 21st century pedagogy. Your performance reviews will reflect that.
19. The new bleachers on the football field will likely come out of the art department's budget.
20. When an administrator says, "think outside the box," they mean "think outside your box, not mine."