Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have Joined the Wordle Bandwagon

I have joined the bandwagon and tried Wordle using my bookmarks. I bookmark sites that are interesting to me and I think I will refer back to them again or refer other people to them. These may be sites that I think will be useful for me later on when I’m doing some research. Here is what came out:

I never realized how many technology sites that I bookmarked. I keep finding new technology tools every day that I think would be so useful in the classroom and I’m afraid I won’t be able to find the site again. I also feel that social networking is important because that is where I have learned about professional development opportunities that are available. I have also grown professionally because of all the conversations going around about different educational topics. These conversations made me think about what I believe in and where I think our educational system should be headed. Reference sites are also important to me because I can use them to find out more information about other things that I find interesting. Twitter shows up pretty big and I really enjoy twitter. I feel that I’m always connected with others whether we talk about education or other things. As I traveled around the country I have found twitter to be a great resource. Since we had no destination in mind, all I would have to do is announce on twitter where we were. Somebody was always good enough to mention some place we needed to see close by. This was a wonderful adventure for us.

I know that wordle is just a new “toy” but I think it opened my mind to reflect where I’ve been as I wander the internet and connect with others.

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