Monday, November 19, 2007

How to teach the Tactile-Kinesthetic Learner

Tactile – Kinesthetic learners learn better by touching and moving. As a visual learner and teacher, this is one of the hardest learner styles I have had to teach.

Here are some strategies that might work with tactile-kinesthetic learners:

• Response mode – student writes answers down. The instructor could write the response down and let the student copy it. By writing, the actual movements will help this learner remember the information

• Students use post it notes. By physically moving information around on a page, it will be easier for this learner to learn new information.

• Student is active and in motion – Learning games that involve movement will help this type of learner. If I asked true or false questions, all the people who think it is true, I would have them stand up. Then we would discuss the correct answer. Sometimes I would put choices on the board and have students come up to physically touch the answer. Sometimes I would write answers down on index cards and the questions on different index cards. After passing out the cards with the answers on them, I would post the question on the board. The student with the answer would come up and tape the answer card to the question. Later the students could use these cards to study for tests. (I would put matching numbers on the backs so the students could self check when studying,)

• Chew gum while studying: many students need to have some kind of movement to help them concentrate. I tell my students they can chew the gum as long as I don’t find it under the desks, on the floors, or anywhere else besides their mouths.

• Take frequent breaks – sometimes they may need to go get a drink of water, use the bathroom, or just get up and stretch

• Flat cake pans filled with rice or sand – by writing information in this medium with their fingers helps the student remember or learn new information

These are just some suggestions that might help. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know because I love to add more to my list!


Angela Maiers said...

These are great tips-very easy to implement for busy teachers. The right brain students will love this! Thanks for sharing!

Karla said...

I'm currently trying to work with a kinesthetic learner, and I find your post very practical and useful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My son was just assessed as this style learner. He's entering kindergarden in the fall. This will help me work with his teachers and choose a school for him. Thanks!

Jay Hart said...

I play catch with my lil bro while I help him study, using a small, soft ball filled with rice. I also encourage him to play with silly putty or a stress ball. When I was in school, filing my nails, rather than jotting down notes, helped me retain information better. Also, bouncing on a swiss ball while listening and responding aloud really helps (great for studying for exams). Ive also played catch with m&m's my lil bro could eat for every right answer. Thank u so much for ur helpful post. I hope my thoughts also help :)

loonyhiker said...

@Jay Hart Thanks for adding your suggestions! These were great ideas!

Sheila Orlowski said...

Wow! These tips are awesome and provided some much-needed food for thought. Jay's additional suggestions were the frosting on the cake! It's a lot easier finding info about the tactile-kinesthetic learner than it is teacher. This info is a blessing. Thank you.