Thursday, November 8, 2007

Every Child’s A Star

I first heard this song at the national Council for Exceptional Children convention’s Yes I Can awards ceremony sung by Danny O’Flaherty. Songwriter and balladeer Danny O’Flaherty wrote the song in honor of CEC’s Yes I Can! winners. I was so moved by the words that I was in tears at the end and so was most of the audience. Each year the Council for Exceptional Children honors 27 students who have excelled despite their disability. This song is featured on Danny O’Flaherty’s Heroes CD. According to Danny O’Flaherty’s website, “In addition, the Council's Yes, I Can program served as the inspiration for Danny's song, "Yes, I Can" which emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself and fostering the determination to attain ones highest potential.” This song can be found on his Secret Garden CD. Thanks for taking time to read his words.

Every Child’s A Star
Written by Khaelidawne Quirk/Danny O’Flaherty

Each milestone is a victory; every child’s a star
Each is born a miracle, just the way they are.
And every one can understand the meaning of a smile;
Around the world a hug means love to every single child.

So with love we watch them as they play their games.
Every child is different; no one is the same.
Some can learn easily to run, jump, and play.
While others face a challenge every single day.

Every child is special; they are one of a kind.
They come in every color as everyone will find.
Whether they are “perfect”, healthy, strong, and bright,
Or if they come with special needs; they’re precious in our sight.

“You are my inspiration”, each mother tells her child
As she sends them off to play with a tender smile.
“How brave you are!”, each mother says as she hugs them tight.
Every child’s a miracle; precious in our sight

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