Monday, July 12, 2021

Summer Learning Place 2021

Today I start teaching my EDEX962/963 classes. They are the practicums for Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disabilities. My students are certified teachers getting their Master’s degree in Special Education. Since it is summertime here, I have had to create a small school so that I can observe my teachers. I will have 4 teachers and 18 children. My teachers will be observed teaching and will need to write blog posts reflecting their teaching during this session. I asked each teacher to come up with 3 goals they want to achieve in this class and also let me know how they are feeling about the course, the children, and their expectations. I like to do the same assignment.

My 3 goals:
  • I want to observe the teachers teaching lessons in reading, math, and writing.
  • I want to learn new strategies that they use to teach different skills.
  • I want to help the teachers grow professionally.
I’m excited about this class because we are holding it in person. Last year I had to hold this program over Zoom and that was very challenging. I missed being around the children and hearing their laughter and giggles when they were together.

I look forward to meeting my teachers face to face and getting to know them better. It was very hard to connect with the teachers over Zoom.

I expect my teachers to act professionally so that I can focus on helping them hone their teaching skills.

Original Photo by Pat Hensley

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