Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What One Man Can Do

In Forest Man from Engage Their Minds, the author shares a video about Forest Man. This man in India started planting trees in 1979 to save his island. His forest is now larger than Central Park in NY. I’ve been to Central Park and walked across it which seemed to take forever. This park was huge so to think that one man can grow a forest bigger than that is astounding!

I found the video so interesting! As his forest grew, animals started finding a home there. There are now elephants, rhinos, deer, and vultures. It is a growing habitat and he is trying to protect from people who want to poach or hurt his forest. Over the years, the country has given him many awards and he has started trying to get his ideas out to others but I’m not sure anyone has done anything with them. He says he will keep planting trees until the day he dies.

I’m amazed at the commitment this man has to continue to forest the land. His family seems very supportive of what he is doing. It also seems like he is very happy and at peace with what he is doing with his forest.

As I watch the video and see the expanse of the forest, I’m amazed at what one man can do. It doesn’t seem like he stood on the corner and ranted and raved about what everyone else should be doing. He put his words into action. He is showing the world what can be done. If one man can build a forest bigger than Central Park, imagine what many people could do.

I think this would be inspiring to many of my students. Many of my students feel discouraged and frustrated because they don’t feel that their actions matter. If they watch this video, they don’t see a man who talks about the things he can’t do or let other people influence what he can do. He just goes out and does what he thinks is right and continues doing it without giving up. He knows that he is making a difference and he is being a great role model for his own children as well as others.

This would be a great lead-in for a discussion about the things that one person can do in our own community. Things like picking up trash or volunteering to help elderly neighbors or giving food to a food bank or planting a community garden. One person can truly make a difference over time. We just need to be patient and keep focusing on what we are doing.

What are some things one person could do in your community? Please share.

Photo by Deglee Degi on Unsplash

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