Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Last week my husband and I voted early (absentee – in person) because we won’t be at home on Election Day. We usually vote this way every year because we usually are never home on Election Day. 

I think casting my vote is so important. I think it does count and helps direct how our government should be run. It is so important that I’m afraid if people don’t exercise their right to vote that we would lose this right. I have visited countries where people don’t have a right to say anything about their government and are in fact worried about the consequences if they tried. How lucky we are that we have the freedom to gripe and complain if we don’t like how things are going in our country!

I hear many people who say that they won’t vote because it doesn’t matter. I say this is just a cop-out and these people are just plain lazy. The people who refuse to vote do not have the right to complain when things aren’t going the way they like in our country. Not voting is just outright laziness and these people should be ashamed of themselves.

I worry about the outcome of the election and I hope it comes out the way that I voted. If it does, I hope I can be graceful and not gloat about our success. But if it doesn’t, I did my part. I can complain and help the opposition try to win next time. Either way, I will have done my best.

I voted.

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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