Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Review of 2019

5 Top Achievements
·      Finished writing a book.
·      Held a session at the SCCEC Conference
·      Had a book published.
·      Spent a month in northern Europe
·      Set up an online class for Furman

What I Learned
·      I am capable of writing a book.
·      Europe is a wonderful place to visit.
·      Always leave a few days early for a cruise that starts in another country.
·      Setting up an online course is a lot of work.
·      Being an executor of an estate is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

What Didn’t Happen?
·      I didn’t lose ten pounds like I had hoped.
·      I didn’t get to go to Minnesota.
·      I didn’t sell a lot of books at my book signing.
·      I didn’t clean my house as well as I should have.
·      I didn’t organize the clutter and take things to storage.

What Would I Change?
·      I would work harder at losing weight. This means controlling what I eat.
·      I would organize the receipts and papers for probate every month instead of waiting 6 months.
·      I would practice my accordion and guitar more.
·      I would clean my house better on a regular schedule.

What Actions Can I Take to Improve?
·      Be committed to losing weight.
·      Stick to my cleaning schedule.
·      Schedule practice time for music.
·      Schedule paperwork organization on my calendar and stick to it.

How Can I Make 2020 Better?
·      Get serious about losing weight.
·      Eat better even when we are on a cruise.
·      Enjoy life to the fullest.

How was your year? How would you answer these questions? Please share.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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