Monday, September 30, 2019

I Want to be Creative

In Creative people from Seth Godin's Blog, Seth Godin says,

 “Simply begin.”

The hardest thing to do is to take that first step. Once you take that step, you become vulnerable. Once you start you can either quit or move forward. If you quit, you will lose before you even see what you can accomplish. If you move forward to the end, you face either success or failure.

Everyone likes control. It would be so nice if we could see in the future and tell if what we are doing will be successful or not. If we could, we wouldn’t have to waste time doing something we know won’t accomplish anything.

When I see people create something that I can’t do such as painting, sculpting, or sewing, I think that I wish I could be that creative.

This weekend I saw an artist do amazing mosaic art with tiles. His wife said it took him about a month but I couldn’t imagine doing something like this.

When people see me knitting in public, I hear them say that they wish they could be so creative like me. I’m not creative. I just do it and practice it. Some things come out better than others. With the things that don’t turn out as well, I think about ways I should have done it differently.
Maybe that is part of creativity.

Creating something amazing doesn’t happen overnight.

Crafting takes patience.

Crafting takes practice.

Crafting takes effort.

Crafting involves risk-taking.

So, if I want to be creative, I need to take the first step and begin.

How do you encourage creativity in yourself or others? Please share.

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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