Thursday, March 14, 2019

Temple Grandin

Last week I was able to hear Temple Grandin speak at Springbrook’s National Converge Autism Conference and it was a wonderful session. I wanted to share with you some of the important points that I think she made in her talk.

1.     Children should not be attached to a device and left alone to play on them for long periods of time. They need to get away from devices and engage in the real world more.
2.     All children, whether they have a disability or not, should be taught to say Please and Thank You.
3.     All children should be taught work skills such as Be on time, show up for work, and do your job. Young children can be taught to do chores and older children can have a volunteer job.
4.     We need to teach students to do more work with their hands.
5.     There are not enough skilled laborers being training in today’s society.
6.     College isn’t any good if the student graduates and has no work skills.

I loved how she boiled everything down to basics. Whenever anyone asked her a question, she asked how old the child was, did he have a job, and if not, why not.

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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