Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Civics Education

I’ve recently read a couple of articles about Nebraska and Minnesota lately addressing the need for more civics education classes.

I remember when I started teaching on the high school level that students were required to take a government class in order to graduate. I don’t really know why they took this requirement out but it is really important for students to learn this information.

Students are not born knowing what their civic responsibilities are and unless we teach them while they are in school, they may never learn.

Each year during election time, I hear that fewer people get out to vote. I’m afraid it will end up like the saying goes, “use it or lose it.” Each year more and more of our rights are eroding away because people are not exercising their right to vote in order to get changes made in our government. I see a lot of apathy and misunderstanding but I feel it is society’s fault for allowing the young people to grow up with this perspective.

If we hope to have a better nation, then we need to start teaching our children how important it is to be involved in what is happening in our government. This might mean running for office or campaigning for a candidate that has the same values that the student believes in. It also includes being knowledgeable about current events and issues that affect everyone in our nation. Everyone who votes can make a difference in who gets elected which can affect what policies and laws are made in our country. We have to teach our students these things.

People shouldn’t run around and complain about our country and the way it is run if they don’t vote during election time. They shouldn’t complain about our taxes or laws if they aren’t willing to research the issues before electing legislators who will vote on these items.

I’m hoping that more and more states will recognize the need for civics education in all classrooms. I believe it should be a requirement before any student graduates from high school.

How do you feel about Civics Education? Please share.

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