Thursday, September 21, 2017

All Things New – Book Review

I recently read All Things New by Lauren Miller. I read a review copy compliments of Netgalley. I am not being paid to give this review.

This story is about a high school girl who has a car accident and the traumatic experience changes her life and how she perceives herself.  She already has a panic disorder that was brought on earlier in her life at the time her parents divorced. Now things are worse and she goes to live with her dad. It is hard starting over with new friends though. This story is a great book to read to open discussions about panic disorders, physical appearances and perceptions, relationships, prescription medicine abuse, obsessions, and attitudes.

I think this book would be great in a high school library and I think many students would enjoy reading it. In fact, there may be many who could relate to some of the characters in the story and not feel so all alone. Maybe by reading this book, many can get comfort and possibly be willing to seek help if they aren’t already getting it.

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