Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hand Painting Yarn

Last week I decided to try hand painting some yarn with Koolaid. I watched my friend’s tutorial about hand painting yarn with Koolaid. After watching this, I decided I wanted to give it a try.

I used 3 packets of Koolaid in each color. I used Blue Raspberry-Lemonade, Mixed Berry, Grape, Orange, and Lemonade.

Here are the steps I followed with my comments beside them.

1.     I soaked the yarn in water and some vinegar for a few hours.
2.     Spread out a large piece of saran wrap.
3.     Mixed the dye and poured into plastic bottles. I mixed 3 packets with ¼ c. of vinegar and ¾ c. of warm water. I had to stir it pretty well to make sure the powder was dissolved.
4.     I took the yarn and squeezed as much water out of the yarn before spreading it out on the saran wrap. (I obviously didn’t squeeze enough water out as I found out later.)
5.     Then I squirted the colors in different places of the yarn and used a paper towel to mop up any liquid not absorbed.
6.     I pressed down on the colors to make sure the yarn was absorbing the dye.
7.     I turned the yarn over and filled in any white spots.
8.     I used paper towels and pressed along the yarn to absorb any liquids. (Because I didn’t squeeze a lot of the water out first, there was  a lot of water to absorb.)
10.  Then I wrapped the yarn up in the saran wrap and made a jelly roll.
11.  I put it on a microwave plate and cooked it for 2 min.
12.  I let it cool (about 30 min.) before cooking it again.
13.  I then cooked it again for 2 more minutes.
14.  I let it cool one more time.
15.  Then I rinsed and washed the yarn.
16.  I hung it up to dry.
I was very pleased with my first attempt and can’t wait to do it again. I had a lot of dye left over and I want to get some lime Koolaid so I have green coloring.

I wonder if you can hand paint tshirts the same way. This might be fun to do wit students because it is nontoxic.

Have you dyed yarn? Did you do something different? Please share.

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