Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CCarnival Sunshine 2014 Day 2

DSC_0016(Last week we took a cruise on the Carnival Sunshine so for the next few days I will be sharing about our cruise and some things that I learned each day. Here is the link for the pictures!)

We had a lovely day at sea yesterday and did a lot of walking and eating. After breakfast we walked on the track. Then we had to leave to meet up with my Facebook friends who have been talking about this cruise for months. After that we went to the cooking demonstration which is always fun. My favorite food there is the mushroom cappuchino (soup) and the tiramisu (dessert)! Then for lunch I had a salad before we walked on the track again. In the afternoon we sat out on the Lobby deck in the shade where I read and knit. Then hubby wanted another snack so he got a hamburger before we took a real nap before dinner. First we went to the show which was Motor City and it was cute. I liked the music and the dancing. I asked for our dining room table to be switched to a large table in the Sunrise dining room. Instead they moved us to another table for 2 in the Sunrise dining room where it was hot and the view obstructed. My hubby was not happy. I had lobster, shrimp, and prime rib for dinner.

Things I Learned:

· Drink plenty of liquids in the Caribbean. You dehydrate faster than you think.

· All chefs cook differently. Even though the cooking demonstration shows the same food on each ship, they may tast differently.

· It is good to take some down time and just relax and do nothing!

· Be careful about making changes to dinner reservations because you may have been better where you started.

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