Thursday, August 28, 2014

Carnival Sunshine 2014 Day 5, 6, and 7

(Last week we took a cruise on the Carnival Sunshine so for the next few days I will be sharing about our cruise and some things that I learned each day.)

DSCF0131Day 5 (Roatan): (Here is the link for the pictures!)
We had a really nice day at the beach on Isla Roatan (Honduras). We got off the ship early and walked to Mahogany Beach so we could find 2 lounge chairs in the shade. We did some snorkeling before too many people were in the water and saw some fish. In an hour or two it became so crowded we wouldn’t have been able to do any snorkeling. Don enjoyed people watching while I knit. About 1pm we went back to the ship for lunch and sat out on deck for a while. In the evening we tried to go to the show but we were too early and ended up sitting in the Ocean Lounge listening to music until dinner time.

Day 6 (Costa Maya): (Here is the link for the pictures!)
DSCF0174We took a shuttle to Mahahual which cost us $3 each. We walked up the boardwalk and checked out the prices for beer and I looked for a diet pepsi. One place wanted $2 for diet coke which was more than the $1 beer everyone was selling so I didn’t buy it. Then a lady told me that she had diet pepsi for $1 at her store so I followed her and bought one from her. Along the way we watched men sweep up all the seaweed that washed up on the beach. We walked back to one bar that was selling 5 beers for $5 but when we sat down, the guy wanted to argue with us and we told him that was what the guy on the board walk said. Instead of arguing any more we left and went down to the Tapas bar where we had a nice seat, table, and umbrella for free. We bought two Coronas for $1 each. Then we decided we would buy the bucket of beer – 5 for $5. When the rain storm came, they moved us inside the bar until the storm passed and then he moved us back to the beach. While we were inside, all of the people working there began talking to us and we got to know them. Once we moved back to the beach the sun came out and it was a lovely day! In fact, I got so hot that I had to cool off in the water which was really nice. We stayed there and had 2 more buckets of beer before leaving at 12:30. The cab ride back to the ship was $2 each. When we got back on the ship it was time for lunch and I was hungry! After a nap we went to the comedy show with Tim You and he was pretty funny. For dinner I had chateaubriand and Don had escargot for appetizers.

Day 7 (at sea):
We had a lovely day at sea and was just lazy. Breakfast/brunch was filet mignon and macaroni and cheese. I tried the double chocolate brownie but the base was so hard that I couldn’t cut it with a knife. After breakfast we went to arts and crafts where I decorated flip flops with balloons. I also got a beaded bracelet kit. Then we walked on the track until lunch time. After lunch we walked some more until it was the wrist watch sale and line dancing lessons. I learned to line dance to “All the Single Ladies.” Before dinner we went to the comedy show which was pretty good. Dinner was so slow because the waiter dropped all of the food on his way to bringing it to the station so they had to start all over again. We were just getting our dinner when others were finished with dessert. Since we were so late eating we didn’t get to go to the late night comedy show.

Things I Learned:
1. It is fun to people watch!
2. Get to the beach early to get a chair in the shade.
3. Get to the beach early to snorkel before it gets too crowded.
4. Some people can be so rude and only think about themselves. They will drag chairs and block the walkways or crowd other people if you let them.
5. If vendors change the prices when you decide to stay, you don’t have to stay there and can leave. That will teach them not to do that anymore.
6. It is fun to get to talk to the local people and learn more about their way of life.

Original photos by Pat Hensley

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