Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Plan for Improvement

Improvement In 9 Defining Ways Educators Can Tug Education Back in the Right Direction from Cool Cat Teacher Blog, Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher, shares 9 Defining Ways Educators Can Tug Education Back in the Right Direction. I decided to look at each one and see how I can plan on doing something specific this summer for each one. Here is my list:

“1. Take Time to Listen and Learn Every Week”

I take time to watch education and knitting podcasts each week. I’m amazed how I can learn something new from each show that I watch.

“2. Ensure Professional Development Includes the Pedagogies Teachers Should Use”

In my summer course, I hope to teach specific strategies that teachers can use in their own classrooms with a few modifications to fit their needs.

“3. Teachers (and Students) Need a Voice”

In planning our weekly seminars in my summer course, I want to get input from my students (who are certified teachers) and see what topics/concerns that we can talk about. They may have concerns that I am unaware of or they may already have information that I was going to give them.

“4. Share Your Learning and Inspire Others”

At our weekly seminars, I am going to ask my students to complete these sentences after I have shared mine with them.

  • “I’ve been reading the book __ on __. I find ___ fascinating.’ or
  • “When I learned ___ it blew me away (I’ll show the article on the board if it is online). What do you think?

“5. Be Fair Because You Care”

This summer at the end of our program, I plan on making treat bags for each child to get when they get their certificate on the last day. This will show that each child is getting the same things.

“6. When You Get a Spotlight, Grab a Mirror”

Each week, I hope to find something from each of my students (the teachers) to spotlight at our weekly seminars. 

“7. Be Gracious But Keep Perspective”

I want to model this for my class. I have a hard time with this because I don’t like to “toot my own horn” as they say. But there is a difference between being proud and being a braggart. 

“8. Stop the Flattery: No Rock Stars”

I want my students (the teachers) to see that in order for the children to be successful, they are part of a team with the parents. This team is what the child needs and neither the parents nor the teacher is the more important part.

“9. Level Up Every Day”

I am going to reflect on each day and see how well I did. I also won’t beat myself up if it wasn’t that great but instead, I will try to better the next day.

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Missgknits said...

I needed this article this morning, Loonyhiker! I have three weeks left with the kids then summer school for 4 weeks....plenty of time to apply new thinking. What really sang to me was level up everyday. I've been trying to level up with my running, but you reminded me to think about teaching the same way. Thanks!