Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Leadership Traits Part 3

Goals In Welcoming New Leaders in Education from Actualization, Walter McKenzie talks about some leadership traits. He asks,

“How do these leadership traits resonate with you?”

Here is part 3 of 5 where I will share my thoughts of specific traits that he listed.

– rigorously asking questions and seeking new answers
Resilient – optimistically taking risks and learning from the outcomes
Collaborative – talking, listening, responding and sharing, online and off”

Being skeptical helps me see the situation from all possible angles. Sometimes I will ask someone to play the devil’s advocate and come up with questions that help me clarify my plan. In order to be a good leader, I need to see things from all perspectives and have answers for possible questions that can come up. Preparing before presentations help me sell my idea more easily because my plan is clear and well thought out.

Let’s face it. Not everything is successful the first time out. Sometimes things don’t work out but sometimes it is worth the risk. If things don’t work out, it is important to reevaluate to decide if it is worth trying again with some changes. It is important not to accept defeat and walking away from something without closely examining all possibilities. This is an important trait to model for others because this attitude can help steer a group in the right direction (or failure to model resilience can breed dissatisfaction and bitterness.)

This is such a powerful trait and can help the success of any program. Being collaborative means looking at the strengths of all parties in order to work towards success. Sometimes I have to discuss, investigate, and be open to others in order to recognize these strengths. It is important to accept input from all stakeholders. The power of more is definitely stronger than the power of one!

How do you feel about these traits? Do you agree or disagree? Please share.

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