Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recycling Myself Part 3

recycleThis is Part 3 of Recycling Myself and here is another popular post from the past:

My Ideal Classroom

Wow! Things sure have changed in 6 years! My Ideal Classroom would be so different from back then.

Here is my ideal classroom now:

I still would like to have no more than 15 high school students and 1 full time paraprofessional. Each student would have their own personal iPad that they would bring to school each day. We would be doing project based learning so students would be allowed to use their cell phones in order to work on their projects. After discussions and investigations, students would come up with projects on certain general topics that I would introduce to the class. Students would improve their reading, math, writing, communication, and social skills by completing projects. By doing this, I hope the students would find their learning meaningful and exciting which would take care of behavior issues that they might have in other classes. In my Ideal Classroom, learning would be fun for all and all of the students would be engaged.

What would your ideal classroom be like? Please share!

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