Monday, June 24, 2013

Attitude Control

attitudeIn The Key to Staying Positive in Your Classroom: Throw Away Your Depends from Cool Cat Teacher Blog by (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher), she asks,

“Does my attitude depend on others? Be careful - there are always reasons for having a bad one.”

What a great post and I hope if you have the time, you will read her entire post! She is right on target with what she shares.

Too many times we use others as an excuse for our attitudes. It is everyone else’s fault that we are feeling the way we do. We think that if others would do things the way we want, then we would have a better attitude.

The problem is that I don’t control other people’s actions or thinking. But I do control my own behavior and thoughts.

I can decide each day that I will try to do what is right and have a good attitude. I can decide that I will not let other people’s behavior and thoughts control my own.

I also need to have a plan when that “stinkin’ thinkin’ (my friend always calls it that) comes into my head. This may be thoughts that I’m not good enough (because I feel that others see me as incompetent) or I can’t do something (because others aren’t doing what I need them to do) or I’m not going to do something (because others made me mad). Instead I need to remind myself that I’m capable of doing things if I try and if I’m not successful, at least I tried and I need to find another way to accomplish what I want. I need to remind myself that if someone hasn’t done something which becomes an obstacle for me, I need to either do their part myself or find something else I can do while I wait for them to do their part. If I’m stubborn and refuse to do something because someone made me angry, then I need to remember that this doesn’t accomplish anything and if they are stubborn for the same reason, then nothing will get done. Someone needs to start the ball rolling and that someone might as well be me.

I have to make sure that my attitude reflects my own thoughts and actions and is not a reflection of others. When I look in a mirror, I need to be proud of who I am seeing.

By having an attitude that depends on me and not others, I actually feel better about myself. I feel more confident and sure of myself. Hopefully this will shine for others to see too which will improve my relationship with others.

How do you feel about your attitude? How do you deal with a bad attitude when you have one? Please share.

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