Monday, January 28, 2013

Warning: Too Good to Be True

006You know the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, than it probably is?” Well, I experience this in real life.

First let me tell you that sometimes when we find good deals, most of the time we are quite happy with the deal. So, when we were at Disney in December, we found a motel called Home Suite Home for $149 for the week. We drove around it and didn’t look bad at all so we thought we would make a reservation for January which I did online. I guess we should have asked to see the room before we decided to book it.

We arrived here on Wednesday around dinner time and check in. I guess when the desk clerks were behind bullet proof glass, which should have been my first clue! Our room was on the third floor and the stairs to it (we never found an elevator) was dirty and dingy with signs all around about no leaving garbage in the stairwell. We got to our room and our keys didn’t work. So we got new keys and then only one of them worked. Once in the room, it looked cheap but what do you want for $25 per night! Then we found out the deadbolt on the door didn’t work so we had to move the table and chair in front of the door. Next I put the heat on because it was getting cold outside (it would get down in the 40s that night) and about 2 minutes later the smoke alarm went off so I had to turn off the heat. When we looked around the room we saw live spiders and webs around the ceiling and corners of the room. There were dead bugs on the headboard of the bed! The bathroom was even dirty! The straw that broke the camel’s back was when we found a little deep hole in the wall beside the painting going into the room next door. It looked towards the mirror that reflected the bed! Needless to say we couldn’t get our stuff together and out of that room quick enough! They gave me our $100 deposit back but insisted on charging us for 1 night which I told them I plan to dispute with the credit card company.

So, I would like to warn everyone: Stay away from Home Suite Home on Hwy 192 (Irlo Bronson Hwy) in Kissimmee, FL!

Original photo by Pat Hensley


Skipz said...

I'm so sorry!

Skipz said...

I'm so sorry!

John Romig said...

Pat, that's terrible! I hope the rest of your trip is better than the hotel.