Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kidcarpet - Review

002 (2)(I was recently sent a classroom rug from for review. I am not being paid to write this review.)

I got the ABC Color Blocks Classroom Rug EARTH TONE and it is absolutely beautiful.

Ordering/Shipping: There is a great Variety of designs and colors. It also comes in different sizes to meet the needs of your classroom. It was shipped by UPS right to my door.

Price: It does seem pricey until you compare it with the quality you would get from a local discount store. Sometimes you get what you pay for. When I think about the rug that I’ve had to replace every year due to stains or because it just looks worn and ugly, the price of this would cover those and I think it would last much longer.

Durability: It is much thicker than those that I have bought at Home Depot or Walmart. I think it will last much longer than the ones I have previously bought. It is much thicker and feels like there is more cushion to it.

Care: Easy to clean; stain resistant (I actually spilled food and drink on it to see how easy it was to clean and it was so easy. I definitely look for this when I buy a carpet for my classroom.)

Use in the Classroom: It is heavier than the ones I have bought in other places which means that it doesn’t move around or cause a slipping hazard in the classroom. This rug would be great to teach alphabet skills and incorporate movement in the lesson. Students can make letters on cards with the letters on the rug. Students can take pictures given to them by the teacher and place them on the correct letter for the initial sound the word makes. The teacher can call out a letter to a specific student and have them go stand on the letter (great way to monitor understanding). These are just a few suggestions with the rug that I got. There are so many different designs that can be used for so many different lessons. There are rugs with designs such as music, bugs, art, animals, rhymes, phonics, states, the world, and even the solar system. There were so many great choices that it would hard to pick just one!

So I would have to say that I definitely recommend this carpet for a classroom. As I mentioned, it was pricey but I think in the long run you would likely end up saving money. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me!

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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