Monday, January 3, 2011

My Goals for 2011

happynewyearHappy New Year! I hope this year brings lots of good health and happiness to you and your families.

I never was good at resolutions because I usually forgot about them or felt guilty when I couldn't stick with them.

I think it is important to come up with goals that are attainable. What is the point of coming up with impossible goals or ones that I think other people would chose for me? I came up with ones that are important to me and no one else.

My goals are:

1. Be more positive about tough situations. Many times I try to come across this way to others but I want to feel this way in my heart too. I need to not let others drag me down when I am in a tough situation (usually of my own making) and look at the positive side of things.

2. Make someone smile every day. If we all did that, maybe the world would be a happier place.

3. Lose 30 lbs. I have gained 10 lbs. since last year and all of my clothes are too tight. This increasing in weight has got to stop or I will be so big, when I die, they won’t have a coffin big enough to bury me in!

4. Learn to bake bread. I like to try a new skill every year and this is what I plan to give a try. My sister bakes wonderful things and some of my friends do also so maybe I can do it too.

5. Knit a sweater for myself. I have seen so many patterns but then I get intimidated by it all. Last year I stuck to mostly socks so this year I will try a sweater. I have 12 months to get it done so surely I can do it.

Do you have any goals you want to work on this year?

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Pat---I love the fact that you've chosen attainable, meaningful goals. I too am battling increased weight, and am going to check out Overeaters Anonymous, since food is way too big of an issue for me. Baking bread is a marvelous goal. Is using a bread machine or baking the frozen bread dough from the grocery store cheating? (Alright...I was just suggesting.)

When you finish your sweater---even if it's at 11:59 on December 31, 2011, post a picture of it. I can only knit sweaters for snakes. Other than that, it's scarves that are my forte.

theheadsoffice said...

If you can knit socks then you certainly can knit a jumper!!

loonyhiker said...

@Sioux I will post a picture and gloat about it and shout from the highest point...when I get the sweater done.

@theheadoffice Thanks for your show of faith! :)