Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Life as a Scientist

scienceFrom the Fall Blog Challenge by Melanie Holtsman, this week’s topic is life as a scientist.

Challenge: What is your life as a scientist like? What kind of observations do you find yourself making? Do you have a wondering? Have you ever tried to find the answers?

When I was in school I was very good in science. I loved finding answers to questions. I loved doing experiments that showed me why things happened or worked. In fact, I was so good in science that the only course left for me to take my senior year was AP Biology.

Then I started hiking and became very interested in nature. I love watching nature shows on TV and I have lots of books on flowers, herbs, trees, mushrooms, birds, and insects. I like knowing about edible and medicinal plants. I also like learning about animals and their tracks. I find myself asking all sorts of questions when we are hiking and I can’t wait to get on the internet to try to find the answers. I started carrying a small notebook with me so that I can jot down the questions so I don’t forget them.

My husband and I recently took a Master Naturalist course which has taught me to be even more observant when I’m out in nature. There are things I never noticed before which have been pointed out to me. I also learned to look at the environment in order to see what things grow under those conditions. I had been learning things individually but it helps to link the new things to conditions that I already understand.

I find myself in other situations now that I can apply the skills I learned in that Master Naturalist class. When we go on cruises, I have questions about the ocean and the animals that live there. During our travels we are in different environments and climates so I want to learn more about the flora and fauna that live there.

I think my life as a scientist is a lifelong process. I hope that I can inspire my students to feel the same way.

What is your life as a scientist like? Please share.

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Original image: 'Big Meadows - discovery walk (found a caterpillar)' by: woodley wonderworks


Anonymous said...

Great post! I also really like this site! I can kind of relate to you on this topic. I love science and thought that maybe I want to major in this field in college, but it turned out I'm in business. I am still a college undergrad student, well I worked at the Science Museum of MN for a while because of my passion. I started working there at a pretty young age and was very engage with STEM. Although now I have left the museum and start to realize this is just a passion and it not something I want to spend my life doing, it was worth it going through this experience. I do still visit the museum often and support many science-related events! I do hope to see more post like this!

Josh Carlson said...

Hi, Ping. I also love science and considered entering that field/major, but realized I probably just wanted to keep it as a hobby. The Science Museum MN is awesome...