Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anything is Possible

sailboat I have been following the Official Jessica Watson Blog and read Life Back on Land.

Jessica Watson is a 16 year old girl who has sailed around the world alone. I have been drawn to reading her blog entries because I have admired her courage and determination. This past week, she finally arrived home and has been sharing about the fanfare that she has been receiving. But in this entry, she writes,
“But more than anything, I love hearing about other people’s dreams and how my voyage has showed them that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

I think I have felt that way as I followed her blog. I have been amazed how she handled difficulties and bad weather and repairs and a multitude of other obstacles with faith and belief that she could conquer anything.

This is the kind of feelings that I hope to impart in my students with my words, actions, and teaching.

I hope that people who read my blog or meet me in person feels like after being around me, that anything is possible. I hope I encourage students to dream and work towards a dream. I want to help students figure what they need to do to achieve their dream.

I don’t want to discourage them or make them feel like their dreams don’t count. I learned the hard way with my own children that they could not live the dreams that I wanted them to dream. They had to live their own.

Like Jessica, I love to hear about other people’s dreams and how they accomplished it. If you have a story, please share. Thanks for reading!

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