Thursday, September 24, 2009

Great Imitators

I saw this great youtube video on Children See. Children Do. from and Ewan McIntosh stated,

“Children see. Children do. All teachers are aware of this as a concept, many parents, too. If you're a loud, stressed out, unhappy teacher then you'll generally have loud, stressed out and unhappy students in your class.”

I watched the video and it made me sad for the many children who see things like this and feel it is alright to act this way. But I also liked what Ewan had to say about the influence of teachers.

I remember I had a third grade teacher Miss Simms and she was wonderful. She shared her love of reading and learning new words and I wanted to be just like her. By giving praise and singling out each student’s strengths, she made us all feel special. That year I remember feeling that I could try anything and succeed. It was a wonderful feeling. Because of her, I probably learned more in that year than I did any other year of public school. No one else was ever able to make me feel the way I did in her class. But I knew if I ever became a teacher, I wanted to be one just like her.

Do you notice your students imitating you? Are you a stressed out screamer or are you a calm encourager? Which one do you want to be? Which one do you want your students to be?

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