Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The 60s (History Channel) – A DVD Review

This is a review of a collection of DVDs on the 1960s (I am not being compensated for this review). Recently I watched the 60s, which is a collection of DVDs about the 1960s. There are 14 DVDs in the collection and the titles included are:

· King
· 1968 with Tom Brokaw
· The Vietnam War (LBJ and Vietnam: In the Eye of the Storm; Tet Offensive; Unsung Heroes: The Battle of Khe Sanh; Vietnam: On the Front Lines)
· History Presents: The Race to the Moon
· Voices of Civil Rights (Biographies of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Thurgood Marshall; Mississippi State Secrets; Crossing the Bridge)
· JFK: A Presidency Revealed (Biographies of John F. Kennedy and Joseph Kennedy, Sr.)
· The 1960s (Peyote to LSD; The JFK Assassination; Modern Marvels: Apollo 11; Bay of Pigs Declassified)
· Days of Rage and Wonder (Riot: The Chicago Conspiracy Trial; Sex and the Vietnam War; Hippies)

I really enjoyed all of them but I especially liked The Race to the Moon. These videos would be great to have in your library in order for students to find out what the 1960s were like. In fact, I learned some things that I had not known because I grew up during this time so many of the events were not documented at the time. The length of each segment was short enough to keep students’ attention but was in depth of enough to give a wealth of information. It is now on sale in the History shop for only $80 and this is well worth the money!


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