Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Homecoming Queen

Christina Samuels shared a wonderful story in her post, Homecoming Queen with Down Syndrome 'Walking On Air'. She tells about a 17 year old girl with Down Syndrome who is chose Homecoming Queen. What a heartwarming story to hear about it. Many times the news only tells doom and gloom stories. We only hear of students who break the law or stories of horror in the classroom but finally a story where students do something caring for a peer. It is hard enough being a teenager who is different, but to have a disability as the item that makes you different can be pretty bad. Many teens pick on someone who is different, especially one with a disability. The students at this school rose above all the generalizations and prejudices in order to choose Anne Jennings as homecoming queen.

I’m not sure that the students realize what a difference they have made in their lives as well as Anne Jennings’ life. By thinking of someone other than themselves, students have learned to have compassion and understanding of others. This will help them be successful in life no matter what occupation they may choose. This selflessness is also a reflection on their parents because this behavior had to be learned from someone. In a teen’s life, peer pressure is strong in a teen’s decision making process but I think the qualities instilled by parents overcame this peer pressure.

It just warms my heart to hear stories like this and I think they should be shared as much as possible. This is the only way to overcome all the negative press that schools and students seem to get. If you have a heartwarming story to share, please let me know. I’d love to pass it on!

photo credit: Original image: 'LOVE EACH OTHER' Ari Moore


Penny Ryder said...

What a great story. It really says something about the school community and the respect they have for one another.

loonyhiker said...

Penny: I was glad to see this too because I think the media spends too much time talking about the negative things teens do instead of the positive.