Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tweetclouds and Me

I noticed Sue wrote about Tweetclouds on her And Another Thing blog and it got my curiosity up. Then I heard more talk on my Twitter network about Tweetclouds and what it says about you so I just had to try it. The words are in alphabetical order and the words you use most are the largest letters. Here is a picture of my own tweetcloud and an explanation below it:
From this tweetcloud I found out some things about myself:

1. I like to laugh a lot. But then life should be happy most of the time, right? (lol)
2. I contact a former teacher friend a lot. I don’t want to lose touch with people I know, just because I retired. (@taylorteacher)
3. I contact a new teacher/twitter friend a lot. I love making new friends and this person has really helped me a lot! (@wcgaskins)
4. I use a lot of positive words. Positive words go a long way for me and help me keep a positive attitude. (great, love, cool, thanks, wow, wonderful, excited, happy)
5. I use the word “teach” in different forms. I love teaching so much that I never considered it a job. (teacher, teachers, teaching)
6. I don’t use any “q, x, or z” words. I am going to try to improve my vocabulary more by trying to slip in one of these words to see if it changes my tweetcloud next time.

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