Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jelly Beans in the Classroom

During my travels, we recently toured the Jelly Belly factory tour in Fairfield, California and it was awesome. If you can’t get to the factory tour, the virtual tour is wonderful too. While we were there, there were loads of excited school groups on the tour too. What a wonderful field trip to bring a school group on, especially since it was a free tour and at the end you get a small sample of jelly beans to take home. There were so many lessons that could be taught from this tour and I hope I can list some of them. If you think of any others, feel free to list them in your comment.

1. Sugar and cavities
2. Following recipes
3. Safety in the workplace
4. Creativity in New Flavors
5. Weights and measurements
6. Economics
7. Following directions
8. Health regulations and the food industry
9. Marketing
10. Art (lots of artwork created using jelly beans)
11. Math: how much per minute can be made
12. Geography: what countries sell Jelly Belly jelly beans
13. Writing: what was your favorite part of the tour?
14. Quality control
15. Belly flops: what are they and how do they get them
16. Nutrition
17. Teamwork
18. History: look up the history of the Jelly Belly company

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ms-teacher said...

When were you in Fairfield? We could have met for lunch or something!