Monday, February 18, 2008

What is and Why Should I Use It in My Classroom? is an online bookmarking sight that is easy to share with others. I like it because you can network their page to yours and see what kind of things they like to bookmark. Here is a link to my account: Pat's bookmarks.

I used to save everything in my Favorites on Internet Explorer. Then when the list got so long, I started to create folders and categorized everything so they fit in those cute little folders. Of course, when I wanted to go to something, I had to remember which folder that I put it in and usually ended up opening and closing many before I found what I was looking for. All this was fine until I started to use computers besides my laptop. Of course I could export and import my favorites folder but then I needed something to store it on and that also meant I needed to remember to carry that with me when I used a different computer. Needless to say, I’m a absentminded person, and never had whatever I stored it on with me. Then if I did remember it, I was paranoid that I would forget to clear it off whatever computer I was using and my list would be on there for everyone to see (not that it was anything bad but it was like leaving my purse behind for people to look through it).

I can access my account from any computer that I am on. I can also tag sites so they fit into more than one category. There is also a place to write a description or notes if I need to. Finding what I need is right out there in the open for me. I just like how easy and fast I can find something I need. Lizbdavis has a video about “Getting Started with” She gives directions that are clear and easy to follow.

Lifehacker states that you can use it for research, wishlist, podcast subscriptions, vacation planning, and managing movie rentals.
Langwitches wrote about uses for Teachers and the Classroom.

Since I have been on twitter I have connected with many other educators who have shared their bookmarks with me so I have added them to my network. They have found sites that they feel are useful or important so they are like a filtering system for me. There are so many sites out thee (some good and some not so good) that with this networking system, I might find sites that I would have missed if I hadn’t seen it in their bookmarks. This connection with other teachers is what makes me feel like I am a better prepared to teach students with current strategies and tools in order for them to be successful.


Anonymous said...

Good job

Joel said...

Great stuff. I've been using for my bookmarks for over a year now. I use the handy dandy Firefox plugin and it sorts my bookmarks automatically by the ones I use most frequently. One of these days, I'll get around to putting my entire bookmark thing up on my site or something somewhere. Probably this summer... :)