Monday, February 25, 2008

Guest tomorrow: SC State Senator David Thomas

My guest writer tomorrow features SC State Senator David Thomas. He has taken time to share with us his view on education. I feel that Senator Thomas really cares about people and has shown this in many ways. When he was considering the autism bill, he asked for my input since I was a special education teacher. I felt the best way to explain autism and its impact on students and others was to invite him to my class to teach them about his job and responsibilities as a state senator. After spending time with special education students that day (my students were learning disabled, emotionally disabled, mentally disabled, and autistic), I think Senator Thomas got a better understanding about how these students have to deal with life. I am thrilled that the bill was passed (even though the Governor vetoed it but the House was able to override the veto!). This is just one example of Senator Thomas’s interest and concern about the people of South Carolina. He is very open to other’s opinions and honestly wants to hear your comments and concerns so please check my blog tomorrow for his post!

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