Friday, October 26, 2007

Student Job Description

Instead of having class rules, I use a student job description. I give them a salary for attending class (which is fake money!) and they use it to buy items and privileges. It is as close to the real world as I can get. I used to make paper money and found out that my high school kids were stealing, trading, and charging interest so I stopped the cash and went to an accounting sheet (isn’t society going “cashless” now too?). At the beginning of the week my students get an assignment sheet with their accounting sheet on the bottom. At the end of each day, they are given their pay (by me or a paraprofessional) written in red ink. At the end of the week I have them total up their pay and that carries over to the next week and is written on their new accounting sheet by an adult. Of course anything they bought or was fined for was deducted from their total. Sometimes I even gave bonuses (if I saw them being extra nice to someone or they got a 100 on a difficult assignment. The students really responded to this system and I used it for over 20 years. Each year I may have had to adjust the money amounts according to the schedule but the basics stayed the same. If you would like a FREE copy of my Student Job Description, just email me at and put “job description” in the subject area and I will send it to you.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Thanks for dropping by Repairkit and commenting on "The Responsibility Paradox."

I look forward to reading your suggestions for professional development and practical applications of your experience!

Congrats on the national certification and other recognition.

Hugh aka Repairman (My blog started with that pseudonym.)

Joel said...

What a great idea and a wonderful way to motivate the students to live up to their job description!

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