Monday, October 22, 2007

Using Newspapers in the Classroom

Our local paper has a “Newspapers in Education” program and I was able to get a set to use in my classroom. It was delivered every day all year long and it was a wonderful tool to use in my class. Here are some ways that I used it:

• Vocabulary: learning new words from the newspaper brought relevance to these lessons
• Math: using sale papers we were able to figure out percentages, unit prices, prepare budgets, write checks, using recipes
• Social Studies: learn places around our nation and the world, current events, discuss other cultures
• Science: new scientific developments always brought about lively discussions
• Social Skills: the advice columns were always great to discuss and debate
• Writing: Many times I would use a photo and have them write the article. For my low readers, they could work with a partner, read the article together, and then draw their own picture.
• Grammar: Did you ever notice how many grammatical errors there were in a newspaper?
• Daily Living Skills: Reading the classified ads for jobs, cars, housing

I’m sure there are many other ways to use the newspaper that I’ve left out, so if you think of one, will you please post it here so everyone can see it? Thanks!

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