Monday, March 13, 2023

Pi Day Activities

March 14 (3/14 or 3.14) is also observed as Pi Day. It is such a fun day in class so I thought I’d share some resources for Pi Day.

Pi Day: Huge List of Pi Day Activities for All Ages

Pi Day Fun

3 Hands on Pi Day Lessons

11 Fun Pi Day Activities for High School Students

Pi Day Movement - “These fun and engaging activities for students in grades K-8 help promote cooperation and teamwork, while integrating the mathematics celebration of Pi that occurs annually on March 14th. Physical educators know and understand the need to get students activeand engaged as soon as they enter the PE classroom. This collection of instant activities serves to help teachers get students moving quickly, while also providing meaningful learning tasks with academic integration.”

37 Mathtastic Pi Day Activities for the Classroom

Pi Day Printable Art Activities

20 Engaging Middle School Pi Day Activities

Calculating Pi with Real Pies

Celebrate Pi Day with NCTM

Pi Toss

Pi Graph

Cutting Pi

Pi Day Art

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