Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Learning is Important

“When you spend all your time dealing with urgent matters, not considering what things would have the highest leverage for success, you are simply spinning your wheels. Lots of activity not going anywhere.”

This reminded me of a hiking friend I had named Jane. Jane was an older lady who I looked up to. One day I told her how guilty I felt for hiking instead of being at home and cleaning the house. She told me that the house would always need cleaning and would always be there but the ability to hike would not always be there. I needed to enjoy the day and the friendships along the trail because that is what is really important. Years later Jane had cancer and died. I will never forget the advice she gave me and I recall it every time I feel guilty. I ask myself if what I'm feeling guilty about is really important or can it wait.

Many times, my husband wants to do something and I don't really want to do it but then I stop and ask myself if what I want to do is more important. Will I feel bad if something happens to my husband and I didn't do what he wants to do?

I also ask myself if I will be able to do certain things in 10 years from now. Sometimes I need to think about my age and my health and my ability to do things. I don't want to put off things and then look back later and wish I had done them years ago.

I want my students to think about what is important in their daily lives. I want them to see that learning is important and it is easier to learn the younger you are. You can still learn when you get older but I think your mind has to work harder.

One way I can show my students that I feel learning is important is by setting a good example. I'm always looking for ways to learn new things I take time to read books and magazines, look at videos, do research on new things to see if it's a possibility for me to try. Every year I try to learn something new.

Is learning important to you? How do you show this to your students? Please share.

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