Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Favorite Childhood Book

My favorite book (and earliest book that I remember reading) is The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.

I think I felt it was my first story book that I ever read myself because it wasn’t written in rhyme. I think at the time I felt that hats were magical. If you put on a different hat, you can be someone else. I think I read it more than once over time. For some reason, that book still stays with me some 50+ years later.

I found this book and I read it to my children as they were growing up. I liked sharing a part of my childhood with them. I even read it to my high school students because I liked sharing a part of my childhood with them too. I liked talking about why I liked it and asked my students to share their opinions too.

I think this would be a great activity for students because not that many years have gone by since they first started reading. I think it would be good as a way of getting to know my students too and allowing them to share a part of their childhood with me also.

I would ask them the following questions:
·      What is the first book you remember reading?
·      Why did you like it?
·      Would you read it to your children?

What was your favorite childhood book? How would you answer the questions? What other questions would you ask your students? Please share.

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