Monday, November 25, 2013

Furman Volleyball 2013

DSC_0057This year I had a volleyball player in my class and my husband and I decided we wanted to support the team. So, we tried to go to as many games as we could and even went to one away game. We have had such a great time watching the games, the fans, and meeting some parents.

I think it is so important that as educators we support out students in and out of the classroom. Teaching is not all about inside the four walls of a room. I think it is important for students to see educators outside of the classroom and I think it is important for parents to see that educators care about their children.

Teaching is not all about what goes on in the classroom but I can learn a lot about my students when I see how they are outside of the classroom. It is interesting to watch my students interact with others and see the group dynamics of their friendships. It also helps me find a connection that I can use in the classroom when I’m teaching.

I have been to football games, basketball games, volleyball games, baseball games, softball games, recitals, and plays. I believe the students appreciate it and have had them come and thank me for being there. We will continue to support the students outside of class because I feel it makes a difference. It makes a difference how I perceive them and how they perceive me. It builds a relationship so that when I need to ask them to try something difficult, they trust me to give it a try. When I believe they can do something that they don’t think they can, they are willing to risk failure because they know I care. 

If you are interested in seeing any of the many (yes, I mean MANY) pictures I’ve taken of our wonderful team, you can click on the links below.

9/28/13 and 10/2/13

11/1/13 and 11/2/13



11/22/13 – Southern Conference Tournament

11/23/13 – Southern Conference Tournament

Do you support your students outside the classroom? If so, please share what activities they are!

Original Photos by Pat Hensley

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Unknown said...

Having Pat come to volleyball games is great for us parents also. It lets us know that professors care about our kids and respect them as young adults. I wish I had the opportunity to interact with all of katie's professors in an informal environment as we've had with Pat. Keep up the good work and we will see you again next year. GO FU.