Friday, November 6, 2009

Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 11/6/09

Here are some interesting sites that I’ve found this week, thanks to my Personal Learning Network (PLN). As a teacher, I feel we have to keep up to date concerning research in our field and current issues in the education system. I hope some of these inspire you, inform you, and even have you asking questions. Thank you for coming by and visiting!

Dinosaurs and Rockets – great science website; they even go to schools and give presentations; if you don’t live close enough, they have a live show on Thursdays at 1pm. Check out this wonderful web site!

In Search of Ancient Communities – webquests on Stonehenge, Lascaux Cave, Catal Huyuk, Easter Island

International Space Station Comes Together – see how the ISS is put together and the timeline of the assembly

Interactivate Assessments – math games/assessments; “The Interactivate activities listed below are designed so that the user may keep track of correct responses, hence they are cataloged as "assessments". A number of these activities, the Connect Four type games and the Quizzes, also allow users to select difficulty levels and specific problem types, as well as set a time limit, allowing for further tailoring of the assessment to their abilities. The Connect Four type games are designed for two players whereas the other activities listed are designed for individual work.”

Math Live – great assortment of math lessons. I found it very appealing and think students would be motivated with these lessons.


j2duncan85 said...

Loved your ideas!

Meaghan said...

Thanks for sharing these. It took me a while, but I finally got around to checking them out. I really enjoy the math sites!