Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog Challenge

Yesterday I answered the question that TJ Shay of TJ On a Journey asked me in his blog challenge. So here is my challenge to other bloggers whom I read on a regular basis. Feel free to write your answer in a comment on this post or write your own post but leave a comment here so we can go read it.

(If they don’t respond, please check out their blogs anyway because I really enjoy reading what they have to share.)

Blog Challenge:
Here is my idea, email or comment someone's blog with a post you would like to read. Try to keep it in genre of the person's blog. The person can choose to use your idea, ignore it, or answer the suggestion as a comment here.I will throw down the gauntlet here... If you challenge someone, please comment a link to their blog so we can all see if they accept the challenge. This is all in good fun! I hope it leads to great conversations.

Lauren O’Grady of All Teachers are Learners and all Learners are Teachers: What goosebump moment have you seen the Interactive White Board make in the classroom?

Bill Gaskins of Blogging on the Bay: There doesn’t seem to be enough male teachers in our profession. What made you decide to go into education?

Jennifer of Injenuity: If your son was a teenager, what advice would you give him about using technology today?

Joel of So You Want To Teach?: What is the single most important advice you would give a new teacher?


Joel said...

Funny you should mention that. I have been pondering that very question myself. I expect to have an article out to address that within the next two weeks! :)

injenuity said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Pat! You know I'm no good at the meme thing, but I will give this one a shot, as long as I don't have to tag others! I actually have a 20 year old stepson, and two 21 year old stepdaughters so I have been through the teenage Web years. Advice about technology will go as far as advice about anything when kids are this age. They need to learn on their own. Telling them to take down their naked, drunken myspace photos doesn't do much good. People learn from natural consequences. Rather than advice, I try to share as many stories as I can about decisions I made growing up, and the resulting consequences.

Bill Gaskins said...

I teach to have holidays and days off throughout the year and then have the whole summer off. Second reason, is the big bucks. (LOL) I grew up admiring teachers in my life. I had teachers who were incredible and some of the worst. I think the worst influenced me the most to be a teacher and be the best that I could be. However, when I entered college I chose a business degree track and graduated with a BS in Business Admin. I started working in industry, a cotton mill in Clinton, SC. I never was satisfied and my burning desire to teach returned. I entered a M. Ed program at Converse College in Spartanburg,SC in 1987 and graduate in 88. I met my wife and we marred in 89. Teaching and being a professional is a way of life and I love everyday. Even the hardest days I have found joy and hope. I love kids and I really do miss having my classroom. I do love what I am doing as an Insructional Technology Curriculum coach.

I love learning and I look forward to not only being back to school but back to learning.

loonyhiker said...

Jennifer: I love to hear people talk about natural consequences! I had trouble with that when my children were growing up but my husband was much better with that. You sound like such a wonderful parent and I love seeing pictures of your son!

loonyhiker said...

Bill: Thanks for doing the challenge. I love getting to know my friends better! The educational system found a gem when we got you!

Proud Otaku said...

Hi It's my first time to comment.This goes for Jenifer.
I would advice my son to use all the technology he can use but, i will also tell him to look back on why did the inventor's invent those gadget's.