Thursday, January 10, 2008

Writing Grants to Make Your Dreams Come True

I have written many grants over the years and was given funding for ideas that I hoped really helped my students. I have received grants to teach landscaping around the school building and enabled my class to plant 30 huge pear trees, put in azalea beds, and surround a softball field with holly bushes. The money bought equipment, material and plants. One time I received a grant that enabled me to teach my students how to mat and frame pictures. Another time the money bought Dr. Seuss books and food so my class could learn to read to the elementary school students and then serve refreshments. Last year I got a grant to buy a class set of books and invite the speaker to come talk to our school which turned out to be a great success. I know it takes times and energy to do this but it is well worth the chance. It involves organization and planning ahead of time so I had to start early. How could I encourage my students to work hard and risk being turned down if I wasn’t willing to show them how to try? Sure, I didn’t always get the grant but I know I couldn’t have gotten it if I didn’t even bother to apply. Here are some websites that might motivate, inspire and even help you write a grant. Now is the time to think about this for next year.

Beginning Grant Writing

Educator’s Grant Information

GrantsAlert - helps you find grant opportunities and also give resources to help write a grant

Education Grants

Education World Grants Center - learn about current education grants, discover additional grant sources, and find grant writing tips and resources.

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