Friday, December 14, 2007

Student Trivia Contest

My students have enjoyed having a weekly trivia contest where they have a chance of winning a prize (usually a homework pass). I put up 5 trivia questions about our state and the students have all week to find the answers. They turn in their answers and the ones with the right answers gets put in a drawing for a prize. The winner is pulled every Monday when I go over the answers before the new questions go up. When I first started, only a couple entered but once the winner got a prize, more and more entered. Soon the whole class was in the contest. Sometimes they give each other the answers but sometimes they don’t but it doesn’t matter to me because they are talking about new information and hopefully someone is learning something new. A couple of times the students have debated with me about the right answers and I have had to “prove” that my answer was correct or I would have them “prove” their answer was correct. It only takes a few minutes of class time every Monday but I love to see the excitement in their eyes and they hate when I don’t have a contest during exam time.

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Joel said...

Hey, I've tagged you. I don't normally do these kinds of things, but it seems appropriate today.