Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Learning Place 2013 Week 2

010We had another successful week at Summer Learning Place last week. I began my formal observations of all of the teachers. I really enjoy seeing the different strategies and teaching techniques that they use. When I write comments on their observations, I try to mention suggestions if I think they can try something else to enhance or change the strategy a little. I sometimes can’t think of ways to improve or change the lesson.

One classroom uses a lot of movement with the little ones as soon as they arrive to “warm up their brains.” I think this is a wonderful thing to use to get students ready for learning. They also used learning centers to meet the needs of the children since there was such a wide range of abilities. I think this was very successful but as the teachers mentioned in their lesson reflection, it was easy to do with a small group and two teachers in one room. I liked one of the centers that was self checking.

I am seeing some negative behaviors coming out and I guess the “honeymoon” is over. It is interesting to see how these teachers handle this. I have suggested some behavior modification strategies that might help. Some of them have contacted parents which I always think is a step in the right direction.

It seems like the children and the teachers are enjoying themselves. The only major problem that we have had was getting the children picked up on time. I asked the parents/caregivers to pick them up by 11:30 and no later than 11:45 because the teachers have another class to attend right after the children leave. Unfortunately some children haven’t been picked up until noon or after. This really inconveniences everyone since no one may leave until all of the children are picked up.

I look forward to Week 3!

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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